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  • Obtain the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting;
  • Save up to $100 on your registration for the AQPC annual conference;
  • Save up to 40% on your registration for large-scale conferences;
  • Receive a free one-year subscription to the print version of Pédagogie collégiale ($50 value),
  • Obtain a 30% discount on books published by the AQPC;
  • Obtain privileges and discounts from AQPC business partners, including:
    • Presses de l'Université du Québec: 20% discount on most books published by PUQ; (clickable banner at
    • IRIS: $150 for the purchase of eyeglasses, including frames and anti-reflective prescription lenses or prescription sunglasses, $50 for the purchase of a yearly contact lens package, $50 for the purchase of non-prescription sunglasses valued at $100 or more and $250 for laser surgery on both eyes or $250 per eye for surgery with specialty intraocular lens implantation at our IRIS ophthalmology clinic in Laval; (clickable banner to
    • Strøm Spa Nordique: 15% off all online gift card purchases, 15% off reserved access for the online spa experience and 25% off Monday through Thursday onsite spa experience only for members and one companion; (banner click to
    • Rabais Campus: Discounts on nearly 300 magazines and newspapers; (clickable banner to
    • Avalanche: 35% off all jackets and pants and 15% off Avalanche accessories priced regularly (white tags).
  • Receive the AQPC newsletter five times a year to keep up with all the latest news;
  • Have the opportunity to nominate a person for the Gérald-Sigouin Award;
  • Have the opportunity to nominate a fellow teacher for the Teacher Turnover Award;
  • But most importantly, support a non-profit organization that works with you to improve the educational success of members of the student community.
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