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In order to finalize your payment or registration, the data entered in the form will be saved in the context of the execution of services by Yapla.
The information collected is necessary for the management and monitoring of transactions by the payment service provider.
The personal data collected are processed by the association that owns the account.
For any request concerning the processing of your data, please contact the association administrator.


General terms of use of the site


This confidentiality policy sets out the practices of the association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (hereinafter AQPC) with respect to protecting the confidentiality of personal information collected through technological means.
The AQPC undertakes to inform any person concerned of a confidentiality incident involving personal information in its possession and presenting a risk of serious harm.
By browsing our site, you acknowledge and accept these terms of use.


2. Legal and administrative framework

  • The act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (CQLR, C P-39.1), hereinafter the "protection act";
  • The charter of human rights and freedoms (CQLR, C C-12);
  • The civil code of Quebec (CQLR, C CCQ-1991);


3. The association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale and the protection of personal information

The aqpc.qc.ca website is operated by the Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale, headquartered at 999 avenue Émile-Journault Est, suite 214, Montreal (QC)  H2M 2E2.
The site is developed and hosted by our service provider Yapla, headquartered at 5605, Avenue de Gaspé, Montreal (QC)  H2T 2A4.
The Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC) aims to provide a forum for CEGEP and college staff to discuss higher education pedagogy in order to improve the educational success of Quebec students.


4. Privacy officer

Under the privacy act, the person with the highest authority within the association is the person responsible for the protection of personal information.
The board of administrators has designated Mr. Samuel Bernard, executive director, to act as the AQPC's privacy officer.
The AQPC’s privacy officer must take all necessary means to ensure that AQPC personnel is aware of the objectives of this policy and that they comply with it.
The privacy officer may adopt directives governing the categorization of personal information and the collection, use, retention, confidentiality and destruction of personal information.


5. Cookies

The AQPC uses various types of cookies to facilitate and optimize your browsing on its website.
A cookie is a piece of information stored on your computer or mobile device. Cookies do not identify you personally. They do, however, enable the emitter to recognize your terminal and to collect certain information relating to your browsing.
For example, the AQPC uses performance cookies such as google analytics and google tag manager, which are tools used to measure web audience and analyze visits to its websites. These applications also enable us to optimize your browsing experience on our website.
Google analytics and google tag manager use cookies to collect information about your use of our website. This information is stored mainly in the usa. Google may pass this information on to third parties if it is required to do so by law, or when processing data on its own behalf. These performance cookies are anonymized.
If you wish, you can prevent google from recording information about your browsing by installing the google analytics deactivation modules on your computer or other electronic device.
The AQPC may also use functionality cookies to improve and personalize website functions (sending a message, language, display resolution, etc.).
However, it does not use advertising cookies on its website.


6. How we collect personal information for our online services

We collect personal information by technological means in the following situations:
  • When you register to become a member;
  • When you subscribe to our newsletter;
  • When purchasing volumes or pedagogical materials;
  • When you register for our training offering (webinars, major lectures, turnkey training courses, etc.);
  • When you fill in our contact form on our web page;
  • When you browse our social media sites such as Facebook or Linkedin.


7. What personal information we collect and how we use it

Personal information is any information about a natural person that enables that person to be identified. It is confidential. With certain exceptions, it may not be communicated without the consent of the person concerned.
Your information is used only for the purposes for which it was collected, such as for our infomembre subscription, membership, donation, event registration or contact management.
For this purpose, the AQPC collects the last name, first name, e-mail address, name of the person's institution, discipline taught, telephone number and postal address.
We also indirectly collect personal information such as your e-mail address, first and last name, and public profile photo when you browse our social media sites such as facebook or linkedin.
Finally, our partners collect banking information pertaining to the payment of your purchases on our website. This information is processed by our partners, who ensure its security. The AQPC does not store any payment information.


8. What security measures have been taken to protect personal information

The AQPC has put in place various physical, technological and organizational measures against the risks of unauthorized access, communication, reproduction, use, modification and destruction:
  • Physical measures (e.g., alarm systems, access control, locked filing cabinets, etc.);
  • Technical measures to detect and block intrusions (e.g., firewall, antivirus, etc.);
  • Organizational measures (e.g., adoption of an information security policy).


9. Your consent to the use of personal information and your right to withdraw it

When we collect, use and disclose your personal information, it is always with your consent and for specific purposes.  
We always respect the purposes for which we have collected your personal information. The AQPC may communicate certain personal information to third-party sites, notably for the purposes of participating in training, purchasing pedagogical tools, etc.
If we wish to use or disclose your personal information for other purposes, we will ask for your consent.
Your consent is valid for the time required to achieve these purposes. We may then retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill our retention obligations as prescribed by law.
You may request to withdraw your consent to the use, disclosure, and retention of your personal information.


10. Retention and destruction of personal information collected

The data we collect is stored on the Yapla platform, which is located in Quebec. In some cases, the AQPC may also use cloud services to process and store the information it holds.
Your data may also be stored outside the country when you browse our Facebook page, as well as the Zoom, Uxpertise, Linkr and Swapcard applications. Our agreements with our service providers stipulate that if personal information is stored outside the country, it must be protected to ensure confidentiality in compliance with legal requirements and best practices.
Once the purposes for which your personal information was collected or used have been fulfilled, your information is securely and irreversibly destroyed.

11. Complaint, question, right of access, rectification, destruction in relation to your personal information, withdrawal of your consent

Individuals may request access to their personal information and ask to have it corrected, limited, deleted, or destroyed. They may also withdraw their consent.
To express a complaint, question, or request in relation to this privacy policy, you must submit a written request by e-mail to the person responsible for the protection of personal data:
Mr. Samuel Bernard
Privacy Officer
Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale
999 Avenue Émile-Journault Est, suite 214
Montréal (QC)  H2M 2E2
E-mail: dg@aqpc.qc.ca


12. The effective date and, if applicable, the date of its most recent amendment

This policy is effective September 2023.