Editorial committees

In addition to the editor-in-chief, each of the French and English editorial boards of Pédagogie collégiale consists of five to seven volunteer members recruited from different colleges and a variety of locations and backgrounds, which ensures a diversity of viewpoints and provides the discussions with more depth. The team helps the editor-in-chief with a variety of issues related to the magazine, including setting up the introductions, planning the year's issues, evaluating article submissions, selecting themes to focus on first and foremost and researching articles.
Editorial board members are rigorous in their application of standards and criteria for evaluating articles. They work on their task objectively and impartially while giving all articles fair treatment. They have also pledged to perform their duties with honesty and transparency.
Editorial board members write interviews, dialogues or reading suggestions and, occasionally, contribute articles to other journal sections.
The AQPC wishes to give its sincere thanks to the colleges for recommending our editorial board members.

Anne-Marie Paquette

Editor-in-chief, Pédagogie collégiale
Communication teacher at Cégep André-Laurendeau

The French committee


The English committee