A laboratory of ideas: dreams, enlightenment and methods




Carle, Stéphanie
Hétu, Michaël
Ménard, Marie

What happens when you bring together visionaries, idealists, utopians and creators to brainstorm on what the college system could do differently? In the last AQPC symposium, in Quebec City in June 2016, the authors of this article conducted a workshop (#418) that gathered teachers, academic counsellors, and assistant directors to engage in rethinking education and anticipating what college education might look like in a few years. The room filled with people passionate about education turned into a large laboratory of ideas! This unusual workshop encouraged participants to become very actively involved in a discussion focused on criticizing, testing, enriching and reshaping ideas; in short, to move beyond the beaten path. To allow as much time as possible for discussion, the facilitators chose not to provide feedback in the plenary session but promised participants instead that they would summarize the ideas that had emerged and share them with the entire college system through the journal Pédagogie collégiale. This article contains the results of the participants’ deliberations at that workshop.

Article available in French only.


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