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Individual members

The AQPC is an association of members who freely choose to join. They are the reason the AQPC is quick to act, trustworthy and dynamic, and they largely contribute to the AQPC’s funds. This is why the AQPC needs the participation of as many individuals, institutions and organizations as possible. Thanks to the dedication of its members, the AQPC is able to raise sponsorships and grants for specific projects.
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Associate members

The AQPC's associate members are colleges (either private or public), universities, associations and various educational organizations. Their membership is very important to the AQPC: on the one hand, their annual contribution openly supports the activities of the Association and, on the other hand, their support is an indication of the importance of the actions of the AQPC, which allows the latter to raise funds through sponsorships or grants (approximately 10% of its revenues).
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