Call for contributions to the 2023 thematic dossier

It takes a village

Although teachers have a decisive influence on students, they are not the only ones who participate in the development of their knowledge, skills and attitudes. The learning that takes place outside the classroom, in the teeming environment that is the college, is rich in experiences and encounters of all kinds for the student community.
Several people play a decisive role in their lives. Parents and friends, of course, but also certain professionals in the college network, in particular lab technicians in charge of practical work, adapted services counsellors, academic advisors, guidance counsellors and student life advisors. These resource people, who are in close contact with the student population, act concretely for the benefit of the community and contribute to making the college a welcoming and rallying environment.
The expression that it takes a village to raise a child may seem conventional, but the idea behind it is fundamental: school, education and teaching are built together, and at the college level, it takes an entire community to make educational success happen. So it is college life in all its many facets that the Pédagogie collégiale team wishes to celebrate with the 2023 thematic issue: It takes a village.
The call for articles closed on January 9, 2023. The editorial board thanks everyone who submitted an article proposal. These thematic articles will appear in the 2023 Spring/Summer issue. The following special call Network Portraits runs until March 31, 2023.

Special Call

Network Portraits

Given that a village isn't really a village without the people who live in it, is there a person in the network that we should absolutely discover because they embody college life? Tell us about their ideas, stories or teaching practices in a short text (200 words maximum) that attests to the fact that the college network is a vibrant living and learning environment rich in its people.
Need some inspiration? Here are two texts that will be published in the thematic issue in May. The editorial committee is looking for other portraits of this kind, highlighting members of the college network, across all roles and professions.
Francis Leroux, gardener at Cégep du Vieux Montréal
by Danielle Viens
Francis Leroux considers himself "one soldier among many" in the fight against environmental impacts. His garden at the Cégep du Vieux Montréal, where he has created a garden bed with lots of biodiversity, serves not only as a source of respite for the college community, but also as a refuge for insects and birds in the heat island that is downtown Montreal. He tries as often as possible to give his time and attention to students and to build relationships with them, either by providing basic knowledge such as how to grow their own food, or by giving advice to members of the Ser-O-Vieux urban agriculture club. Most importantly, Francis believes that this knowledge helps them become more caring and environmentally conscious humans, and that gardening brings a bit of joy and harmony while provoking a sense of wonder at nature. "You never know what might sprout a seed in their minds."
Marion Mathieu, administrative assistant at the Direction des études of Cégep André-Laurendeau
by Julie Roberge
Marion Mathieu arrived from the south of France a few years ago, characterized by her lilting accent and her studies in environment, completed both in France and in Montreal. She works at Cégep André-Laurendeau as an administrative assistant for the Direction des études and the Bureau de la recherche et de l'innovation. Marion welcomes people who come into her office with a smile and a real desire to help the desperate! In my case, Marion does everything possible to save my life as a teacher-researcher. How many times have I gotten frustrated while trying to get to grips with Astuces, the Ministry of Higher Education’s portal for researchers? Marion was there to save me, by Teams or in person. Same thing with the Excel spreadsheets for the implementation plan. Same thing with hiring the students who will assist me in my research. Same with tracking my budget. Same thing with establishing contacts with other services within the Cégep. Same thing with... everything! Did I tell you? Marion is a lifesaver! Thank you, Marion Mathieu!
Submit a short profile to the Pédagogie collégiale editorial committee by March 31, 2023 by email.
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