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The journal Pédagogie collégiale, is published quarterly in fall, winter, spring, and summer. It addresses predominantly people who practice pedagogy (administrators, teachers, and non-teaching professionals) within the Québec college network, as well as pedagogues from other teaching networks.
Pédagogie collégiale is a “beacon” for players in the field of higher education.  It seeks, among others, to guide pedagogical intervenors at college level, to shed light on interventions by presenting rich and varied information, and to forecast major changes coming in the field of education. Pédagogie Collégiale is also a reflection anchored in reality, attesting to the practices of those who work in the college environment.  Lastly, it serves as a stimulant by proposing and initiating various paths leading to reflection and action.
Pédagogie collégiale embraces the following goals:
  1. To support professional insertion and contribute to the development of a professional identity for teachers and supervisory or management personnel who intervene in pedagogical affairs;
  2. To promote and improve the standing of collegial research, in particular through the publication of pedagogical research results and by informing readers about current trends in research;
  3. To support the dissemination of pedagogical and educational practices;
  4. To encourage the creation of links between theory and practice by presenting current practices as well theoretical elements, thus supporting the construction of a pedagogical framework conducive to reflection among all categories of personnel intervening in pedagogical matters;
  5. To make sure that pedagogy has its place in the public debate concerning colleges;
  6. To support pedagogical innovation in higher education.
Pédagogie collégiale remains open on an ideological level and offers the opportunity to express divergent viewpoints. Its source of inspiration comes from various schools of thought, both national and international—all of which enables the magazine to remain first and foremost a prominent and stimulating vehicle promoting pedagogical information, exchanges, and reflection.

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