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  1. Le groupe de codéveloppement professionnel: apprendre les uns des autres

  2. Sciences at college. A review of the program necessary, but which entails pitfalls

  3. Fostering a penchant for learning

  4. Cognitive engagement at college. An exploratory analysis of ties between its dimensions

  5. Promoting student motivation and engagement... throughout the term

  6. Reread Perrenoud: Métier d’élève et sens du travail scolaire

  7. The Importance and Motivation for the Development of Metacognition, Self-Regulated Learning and Autonomy

  8. Fostering Universal Motivation: Making use of Research Results to Improve my Teaching Practices

  9. Rendez-vous des idées: State of Collective Deliberation

  10. The Subjectivity, Cognitive Bias and Postures of Teachers

  11. Individual video feedback: exploring one's effectiveness

  12. Inspirational Practices for Teaching Difficult Content

  13. Flipped pedagogy. An assessment of its effectiveness on school results and student interest

  14. "L’enseignement de la philosophie au cégep. Histoire et débats," by Pierre Després, published by Presses de l’Université Laval (2015)

  15. Errors for Learning: Studying Students’ errors, an innovative process to analyze your methods and teach better

  16. The Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC): the challenge of assessing extracurricular learning in a school context

  17. Reading and writing workshops as an aid to success in philosophy courses

  18. Mentoring as a support measure for first-year students in the humanities. Its effects on vocational indecision, the transition from secondary school to college and student retention

  19. Intraprovincial mobility of students. A reality to consider to promote student retention and success in college

  20. An authentic assessment in higher education. The case of a learning assessment course.


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