Quelques éléments de réflexion pour la CEEC





Howe, Robert

This article is in response to an opinion provided by Luc Desautels and Marcel Côté published in the fall 2009 issue of Pédagogie collégiale (vol. 23, no 1) entitled: “Has the time come for the CEEC/Commission d’évaluation de l’enseignement collegial to conduct a self-evaluation?” The author, who brings to the table extensive experience with the CEEC, both internally and externally, shares his thoughts on the ambiguity of certain conceptual foundations and their impact on college teachers. He sheds light on the current evaluation of learning in courses and the comprehensive assessment. He also takes a closer look at certain CEEC concepts and recommendations (using concrete examples), mentions the commission’s silence with regard to the MELS, and notes certain differences in the recommendations made to colleges. The author favours a formative self-evaluation process for the CEEC and, in ending, considers that the latter would benefit from being perceived as an agent that assists colleges rather than an agent that sanctions and constrains them.


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