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Rousseau, Annie

Wanting to include oral expression in her literature course, the author has developed an evaluation activity based on the debate. Debates represent an excellent opportunity to motivate the group, increase participation and go further in the acquisition of knowledge. To begin with it is important to identity material that could be deemed controversial in the subject matter seen or to be seen, and designate the students assigned to defend each of the positions. The next step consists in organizing the verbal sparring matches during which the students will present their arguments. The author illustrates the subjects by presenting a detailed breakdown of a 15-week course on Litérature et l'imaginaire (Literature and the imagination) during which three debate sessions were conducted along with a typical unfolding of the activity. Major points discussed include the timing of interventions, the chronology for speakers (participants and other students), the role of the moderator and several motivational sources for the students: grading for the activity, using the activity as a preparatory exercise for a subsequent summative evaluation and peer evaluation. The playful and competitive character of the debate resulted in making this educational activity a most appreciated one by the student body.


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