When beginning our teaching careers at the college, we can feel an urgent need for help and information.  This Community of Practice will allow new teachers to ask all their questions (anonymously or not) and to receive prompt answers from new or seasoned teachers and professionals. This community also offers teaching resources in the form of one-page documents and short videos to help in the classroom tomorrow: classroom management, assessments, etc. Dive!

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This community is open both to AQPC individual members and to new teachers (2 years or less) who work in colleges that are AQPC associate members.

You're a new teacher in a college that is an AQPC associate member? Create your profile and tell us you're a new teacher (info@aqpc.qc.ca or 514 328-3805): we will open the door of this community for you!

To answer a question or to upload a resource, you must log in.  

Before you make your first steps in the community, please consult the ''About us'' page of the communities.

When posting a question or adding a resource, choose the most appropriate key-words: it will allow users to find them easily! A list of key-words is suggested.


Note that all the resources offered in this community must be short: one-pagers and less than 5 minutes videos only! You have a great resource but it’s not short? Please send it to us by email and we will see what we can do: info@aqpc.qc.ca

Before you upload a resource in the community, make sure you have the legal rights to do so!

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